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A Fathers Rights Destroyed

2020.10.30 16:38 finnegan_furball A Fathers Rights Destroyed

In 2011 my 4 American Children were abducted to Canada by mom. US order at the time said to put the kids in school or return them to USA. Mom alleged abuse. In 2012 she admitted no DV occurred and agreed to 60-40 for mom with Joint Legal Custody. She then asked me to return to Canada and co-parent. What the US court and I did not know is mom had been secretly taking the kids to counseling and claiming DV in Canada and was working with Child Services in Ontario (Children's Aid Society (CAS)). After coming back to Canada I was served with an order of apprehension stating I was a dangerous dad and all rights revoked and my US court orders were not Valid in Canada. I was given supervised access 1 hour a week and they tried to have me arrested. My ex called the cops multiple times daily and tried to accuse harassment and stalking even though I was working in another city. Fast forward to now. I had been trying the last 9 years to get disclosure of how my ex pulled this off and what I discovered is disturbing. If we go back to the beginning and examine what happened and put it in order I find the following. Immediately after abducting the kids to Canada, she filed for their citizenship...why...because to put them in school in Canada requires access to Socialized Healthcare in the Province (OHIP) and to be eligible she has to apply for the kids citizenship. At the first hearing Dec 2011 in US court my ex claims she was not allowed to live at her parents home and that is why she went to a women's shelter in Canada. She appealed the decision of the court which would return the kids to USA if they were not in school by a certain date. In January 2012 the Judge upheld the order my ex appealed. What is interesting here is that in that timeframe, my ex had attended an MP's (Federal representative for Parliament) Office in Canada and received a letter to expedite citizenship. So instead of 5 months plus to process the request which would have resulted in the return of the kids to USA she had the certificates in 2 weeks. Which according to the dates...the day she testified in US Court is the same day the certificates were issued. Now all these years later after being denied access to the records over and over I was finally successful in attaining the citizenship certificate applications for my son (other kids is still coming) but only a redacted copy of the letter from the MP to Immigration Canada urging the expediting of the citizenship. So while my ex wife testified in US Court she could not live at her parents in Canada, take a guess what address she put down on the applications for the certificates of citizenship in guessed it her parents!! This means she lied on the applications after being served with notice of divorce with the sole purpose of denying custody and access not even considering she took the kids across an international border absent my consent. Now here is my rant.... I went through years of limited to no access with my children because of my ex's lies. Sad part is she has gotten away with it for 9 years so far. But prosecuting her for the illegal act will happen as I will personally press the charges. That said this redacted letter....I will have to seek an order to produce because the Government is hiding it...and why. Well if you think about it....My ex either defrauded them into helping her commit fraud or at worst case....The MP Office knew she brought the kids illegally to Canada and instead of notifying law enforcement of the abduction, they instead helped her apply for the certificates of citizenship while allowing my ex to abduct and conceal my children in Canada. I should note that I know multiple parties turned a blind eye. I have case law where I was able to force CAS (Children's Aid Society) to disclose their records, and in the files is a note from the originating worker where my ex admitted that I had no idea she and the kids were in Canada. Per the child protection standards of Ontario, they are obligated to notify law enforcement and they didn't simply because she alleged abuse. And before anyone thinks I did something, I did not. The transcript around the joint consent of divorce has the judge receiving testimony and my ex admitting no DV occurred and the judge explicitly stating that no DV occurred in the finding granting the divorce. So the end result of this once I have all the documentation will be prosecuting my ex wife for citizenship fraud in Ontario Canada, and then possibly filing charges in US Federal Court in Michigan for Conspiracy to commit human trafficking and naming all persons including government officials that aided in the falsification and fast tracking of the citizenship for my kids. The exploitation of minor children for profit is illegal not to mention conspiracy to violate the Hague Convention. In Ontario the CAS get paid by involvement with families. They are a third party corporation under contract with the government. There is also issues of my kids being interrogated by an armed officer and my American children were denied access to the consulate, an attorney a certified social worker and their parents (Children as young as 3 at the time). All of which resulted in no charges. And recently I was able to confront the Ministry of Child and Youth Services in Ontario Canada and they admitted in writing to not adhering to the Vienna Convention. So they are essentially thumbing their nose at a Federal Treaty. Perhaps they won't thumb their nose when they are facing Federal Charges in USA for violating the Treaty and conspiracy to subvert the Hague Convention. Sorry for the long post but I am really ticked off. I am tired of being labeled the bad guy when I am literally the only person that follows the laws. I cannot express how disappointed I am to learn how absolutely corrupt the system is in Ontario Canada. Father's have no chance.
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2020.10.28 23:50 matthewkoehler How to Address the Housing Crisis While Benefiting Both Homeowners and Renters, and Without Costing Taxpayers a Dime.

Note: This essay speaks specifically to the context of the housing market in Toronto; however many of the architectural, economic and social points are broadly applicable across North America.
The average rent for a one bedroom apartment in Toronto was $2,013 for September 2020 according to With a median monthly pre-tax income of $2,883 (2018) for Toronto, or $2,361 after taxes, your average Torontonian would be left $348 for all other expenses. Clearly something needs to be done to address the affordability crisis in this city.
With a moderate increase in density in residential neighbourhoods we could significantly increase the supply of new rental units. A bylaw change which allows for one additional storey in residential neighbourhoods provided the additional square footage is allocated to a rental unit is one way in which this could be accomplished. See *link* for more detail on how this can be done.
There are 341,755 single- or semi-detached homes in Toronto, with the number increasing to 846,405 when considering the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). By promoting the construction of one rental unit per home we can apply a sustained downwards pressure on rental rates across the city for years to come.
This policy will tackle the housing crisis without the need for increased government spending, a factor which is especially important given the record ballooning debt of both Ontario and Canada.
One of the key benefits to this policy is that it benefits both renters and homeowners, a critical consideration when attempting to garner political support.
Benefits to Homeowners of Constructing a Rental Unit Under Proposed Program
1 - Providing a new source of monthly income.
2 - Providing a viable long term housing solution for elderly family members, children, individuals with special needs and others.
3 - Increasing the value of your home.
4 - Retaining the size of your current living space, while being allowed to build higher to accommodate a rental unit. See *link* for more detail.
Below you will find economic, social and environmental reasoning for this policy.
Economic Reasons
1 - Expanding the labour force capable of contributing to housing supply.
2 - Reducing bureaucratic inefficiencies.
3 - By allowing for stick frame construction up to 4 stories we allow for construction methods of approximately 30-35% lower cost in comparison with typical Toronto condominiums.
4 - Stabilizing the cost of doing business in Toronto.
5 - Fostering a competitive marketplace in the construction industry.
6 - Supporting thousands of well paying construction jobs in the city of Toronto.
Social Reasons
1 - It is detrimental to social cohesion to allow housing costs to rise to the point where many Torontonians are unable to live in the city.
2 - The neighborhood in which you grow up is one of the most statistically significant predictors of socioeconomic status later in life. Segregating Toronto neighborhoods based on wealth inhibits socioeconomic mobility as well as eroding social trust in our society.
3 - Helping to create more livable communities.
Environmental Reasons
1 - Combating climate change and protecting the health of local ecosystems.
Informative links
Examples of Other Governments Taking Similar Approaches
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2020.10.28 23:24 DeliciousTumbleweed Hysto Doctor Office Deadnamed Me & Called Parents House

So I’m a 25 year old trans man in Ontario Canada. I got funding for a hysterectomy and a consult is scheduled in the next few weeks with the surgeon. My NP picked the surgeon and I assume he’s sent other patients to this surgeon.
I’ve gotten paperwork in the mail and two phone calls confirming the appointment time and date, all of which have use my correct name. I was unable to answer either phone call due to work, but neither asked for a call back to confirm so I never did.
Today my father texted me asking me to call. He said there was a message left at the house and he’d play it out for me to listen to. It was the surgeon’s office calling, asking forme by my dead name, giving the doctor’s name, time of the appointment, and detailed instructions on how to get to the office.
I haven’t used my dead name in three years, because it was legally changed three years ago. My gender marker was legally changed two years ago. I don’t know how the surgeon’s office even got access to my dead name or my parents home phone number.
Luckily I have very supportive parents and my father was just giving me a heads up that they called and gave me the number and extension to call back when the office is open tomorrow, but I’m livid. I want to know how they got that info and why they felt comfortable leaving a message with so much personal info about me on a number that is NOT connected to my appointment at all (I haven’t lived at my parents’ home even temporarily in over two years).
Ugh. I know I’m fine and I’m lucky but now I’m anxious the doctor is expecting a woman to walk through the door (especially because the center has “woman” in the name) and will give me problems when I show up to the appointment.
UPDATE: got a call back from the office this morning. I asked why my parents were called, and she said that must be a number they have on file from my last visit. I informed her I’ve never been a patient at that hospital before, and that I’m a trans man and my old name was used in the phone call. She explained that it wasn’t actually their office who called but someone representing the hospital for covid screening purposes, and when she looked in the system the only info they have for me is my health card, date of birth, my dead name, and a contact number from when I stayed in a different hospital in the same city (that no longer exists) 8 years ago, when I was a minor. I explained the safety concern regarding sharing the appointment time and location with my parents and using my old name, and she apologized, but said there’s nothing she could do. She advised me that since it seems they only have my old name on file, when I arrive at the hospital, I’ll have to register under my dead name in order to enter and get to my appointment, but that I should be able to ask them to change the name and number on file after proving my identity with my health card. My parents have sent me an audio copy of the message left at their house and I plan to take this as far as I have to so no other trans person has to go through being deadnamed and having their parents called while trying to access a transition related service. Will update tomorrow after the appointment.
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2020.10.28 20:13 SuspiciousAd3622 Starlink Internet Canadian Government Approval Email

Month / Date, 2020
The Honourable Navdeep Bains
Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED)
C.D. Howe Building
235 Queen Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0H5

Dear Minister Bains,
Politicians are keenly aware of the plight all rural Canadians experience regarding Rural Broadband deficiencies, be they First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples or rural populations North of the 49 th parallel who’s domicile resides in our vast country.
In December of 2016, the CRTC declared broadband internet a basic telecommunications service and began providing millions of dollars to Canadian companies to upgrade technology championing enhanced rural internet.
Progress towards new or upgraded equipment that would assist in resolving slow speeds, latency challenges and relief from severe congestion has been extremely slow in our area, which is only 40 kilometres from a large metropolitan centre. Challenges include severe congestion, latency issues, speed and data caps, upload / download symmetry disparity and exorbitant monthly costs as set by current providers, should Broadband Service even be obtainable.
An option could soon be available that addresses all of these challenges. SpaceX has applied to Canada Regulators to provide service through their Starlink constellation of satellites. Public Beta testing is expected to begin soon now that Starlink V1.0-L14 has launched. This will bring the SpaceX low orbit system to over 840 satellites serving Northern US and Southern Canada.
COVID-19 has placed an extraordinary strain on existing rural broadband networks, and families and businesses that rely on them. Low orbit satellite technology will ensure that ALL Canadians are eventually offered an equal opportunity to access high speed internet services. Members of Parliament who live in rural areas have also said they hope the COVID-19 pandemic will shine a light on the importance of connectivity issues in rural parts of the country.
As a rural resident of Canada, I am concerned about any further delay in approving the necessary licences allowing SpaceX to provide their Starlink service. I urge the Government of Canada to expedite approval of SpaceX's to offer Starlink high-speed Internet service to Canadians.
While a BITS licence has most recently been approved by the CRTC, I understand the regulatory system requires the Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada to complete the process. I am urging you to do everything in your power as Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada to expedite the approval for use of Starlink in Canada.
Respectfully submitted,
Your Name
Your Location
Cc [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) Minister of Infrastructure and Communities

Cc [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) Minister of Canadian Heritage

Cc [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) Office of the PMO

Cc [email protected] Your Member of Parliament

Email for Minister Bains [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2020.10.28 14:16 FeistyTortoise Relistings disguise Toronto’s chaotic condo market
Many people who keep watch over Canada’s real estate market are looking at the rising numbers of condos for sale in downtown Toronto and wondering what impact that swelling inventory will have on the psychology of buyers and sellers.
Scott Ingram, a real estate agent with Century 21 Regal Realty Inc., is keeping a close eye on listings in condo land too – but with a twist.
Mr. Ingram says the “new listings” statistic is showing a lot of churn happening behind the scenes.
Nearly half of “new” listings for condo apartments and condo townhouses in the 416 area code last month were actually relistings of the same property, he says. The number of listings cancelled each month has been climbing since April to reach 2,529 in September.
Mr. Ingram explains that when the Toronto market is as sizzling as it has been in recent years, people are accustomed to properties selling quickly. So if a house or condo has been lingering longer than a couple of weeks, agents often worry that potential buyers will think there’s something wrong with it.
To keep it looking fresh, the agent will cancel the listing on the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board’s Multiple Listing Service and bring it out again under a different number.
One common reason for a relisting is that the agent priced the property with a low asking price and an offer date. If offer night comes and goes with no bidding war, the listing will be cancelled and the property relisted at a higher price.
The practice inflates the new listings statistic, making it appear new listings are flooding the market.
When the new-listings number spikes, Mr. Ingram views that as a sign that agents are trying different strategies and prices.
“My overall hypothesis is, when the market’s hot, no one needs to relist because your Plan A always works,” he says. “Agents are having to go to Plan B and Plan C in all of this.”
Sellers in the downtown condo market are suddenly battling on many fronts: The coronavirus pandemic made high-rise living less desirable to many, and the economic fallout left many tenants without jobs.
Meanwhile, changes to short-term rental regulations mean that some landlords who rented out their units on platforms such as Airbnb no longer have that option.
Some owners are fleeing the city and selling their units because they choose to; some investors are listing units for sale because they can no longer afford to carry them as rents decline amid falling demand.
Meanwhile, immigration has nearly halted and foreign students are staying away.
All the uncertainty is keeping some potential buyers on the sidelines as they wait to see if prices will fall.
Mr. Ingram explains that some agents will also cancel and relist if they want to reduce the price without tipping off potential buyers, who may see a price cut as a sign of weakness.
“It’s a weird game because you could just do a price change,” Mr. Ingram says. He points out, however, that the “days on market” would keep ticking up if the agent simply adjusted the price.
By cancelling and relisting, “the clock resets that back to zero”.
Mr. Ingram says that knowing the true number of days on market – and also knowing that the price has been cut – gives an educated buyer more leverage. Buyers can do some research themselves and a good agent will pull up the listing history.
“I’m always looking for any angle I can.”
There’s another measure Mr. Ingram uses to detect quick changes in market sentiment: He compares the number of cancelled condo listings with the number that are actually selling.
In September, in the 416 area code, the ratio of cancelled listings to sales stood above 140 per cent. Halfway through October, condo relistings as a percentage of sales reached 163.
“It’s getting worse,” Mr. Ingram says. “It’s noticeably creeping up.”
To compare a bit of recent history, it was detached and semi-detached houses that softened noticeably in the spring of 2017, after the Ontario government introduced a foreign-buyers tax and other measures designed to cool an overheated market.
After the plan was introduced that April, new listings as a percentage of sales rose on a weekly basis until they hit 116 per cent in June.
A more meaningful statistic than new listings, in Mr. Ingram’s opinion, is months of inventory, which estimates how many months it would take to sell active listings at the current pace of sales.
For condos in the Greater Toronto Area, that figure stood at 3.1 months in September.
But the figure varies significantly in different areas.
South of Bloor, for example, months of inventory swells to more than five in some pockets, which makes those areas much more of a buyer’s market, Mr. Ingram points out.
Mr. Ingram believes some of the pent-up buyer demand left over from the spring shutdown has now been spent. “There’s way more inventory now.”
Mr. Ingram is advising sellers to be realistic about prices. In areas with high inventory, they can’t expect to match the price their neighbours achieved in March.
Recently, he listed a unit for sale in a Liberty Village high-rise. When he checked the available listings in the three-tower project, there were 30 others for sale and six of them were the same size as the unit he was listing.
Mr. Ingram advised the owners to list the unit at $599,000 and hold an offer date. The price was below that of the competing units, which were clustered around the $640,000 mark or higher.
The strategy worked: The unit sold for $641,000 on offer night. Mr. Ingram says that was a little below the $650,000 or $660,000 the sellers had been hoping for, but he believes it was the best outcome. The couple now has the unit sold and they can go ahead and purchase a house in the suburbs.
One month later, none of the other, higher-priced units have sold – and a couple of them have reduced their asking price to below $640,000. Some have accumulated “days on market” of more than 50.
Mr. Ingram says properties may sit until one motivated seller – perhaps they lost their job or they can’t afford to carry a unit with negative cash flow – caves and sells for less.
“If one person drops their price, it’s kind of a race to the bottom. You don’t want to be the person chasing the prices down,” he says. “I like to be out ahead of it.”
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2020.10.27 00:30 Jean_des_Esseintes Deep Dive into Facedrive (FD.V) - Short Thesis, Target $0.43

Quick Data

Current Price: $11.06
Shares Outstanding: 93,729,980
Market Cap: 1.037 billion
TTM Revenue: 0.91 million
Price/Sales: 1140x


Facedrive is a ridesharing company that is designed to incentivize and empower the green and socially responsible consumer through the use of its carbon neutral ridesharing platform. The company was founded in January 2016 by Imran Ali Khan and Junaid Razvi but only became operational in late 2018. In August 2019 Facedrive completed a reverse take-over with High Mountain Resources and listed on the TSX Venture Exchange. Since listing on the TSX-V Facedrive has also completed a number of small acquisitions to expand its offerings both in the rideshare market and other "Facedrive Verticals".

Value Proposition

In its IPO filing statement issued 14 months ago Facedrive outlined a number of growth initiatives including:
As of today Facedrive has only achieved one of these objectives - entering the Ottawa market. In fact Facedrive has yet to expand out of Ontario with its operations limited to the Greater Toronto Area, Ottawa, Hamilton, London, Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Orillia. Since the beginning Facedrive has been incredibly slow in rolling out their app to targeted cities. Despite being founded in January 2016 and receiving a Toronto license in 2017 the app only became operational in late 2018.
As for 3% market penetration Facedrive's gross revenue for the first 6 months of this year was $999 thousand. The rideshare market for Canada this year (adjusted for Covid) is $1.52 billion ( Since Facedrive only operates in about 20% of Canada's markets, population adjusted, the current addressable market is closer to $300 million. Extrapolating Facedrive's gross revenue out to a full year would result in $2 million of revenue or less than 1% of market penetration.
But what about Covid? In the 2nd Q Lyft and Uber reported decreases in rideshare billings of 69% and 73% respectively. Meanwhile Facedrive's gross revenue dropped from $999 thousand in Q1 to $147 thousand in Q2, a drop of 85%. This signals that their market penetration is actually decreasing quarter over quarter.
Value proposition for riders? Facedrive's green initiative? The company began with the initiative to 1) offer electric vehicles); and 2) counter emissions from gas vehicles through an offset program. As of today there is nothing to differentiate Facedrive's offerings from its competitors as both Uber and Lyft now have electric vehicle options. There is no dedicated fleet of electric vehicles driving for Facedrive. Facedrive did donate $2,105 to Forests Ontario in Q1 2019 but there has been no mention of any offset program contributions since the company went public. The main benefit of rideshare programs is still convenience. For Facedrive to compete with Uber and Lyft they need drivers. At this point there are just not enough drivers to produce reasonable wait times. Reviews of the app consistently complain about wait times of up to half an hour. And with the green initiative not being robust enough to differentiate it from its competitors it is just not worth the time.
Value proposition for drivers? Over the last year Facedrive has paid out anywhere from 75% to 83% to drivers. This is slightly higher than Uber and Lyft which average around 75%. But not enough of an incentive for a driver to use Facedrive exclusively. I expect that pretty much all of the revenue Facedrive generates comes from drivers who use multiple platforms.
Conclusion: Facedrive has consistently failed to meet growth targets. Its current market penetration is less than 1% and possibly decreasing. There is no incentive for either drivers or riders to continue using the app when Uber and Lyft are perfectly suitable.

Facedrive Verticals

After its IPO Facedrive used a combination of cash and shares to acquire stakes in a number of other ventures which they plan to incorporate into their "ecosystem". Buzz words however do not make a company. None of these ventures generate significant revenue or offer much potential for growth so I'll only cover them briefly.

This is a carpooling app similar to Poparide except no one uses it and it doesn't generate any revenue. There is also a trivia app HiQ which claims to be a social app that you can enjoy while social distancing (in your carpool?). HiQ claims to have 2 million downloads (Facedrive press releases all of the major milestones) and yet it doesn't rank in the Trivia category for both IOS and Google. I downloaded the app and played for 15 minutes. The app is beyond basic with the most elementary social element. I tired messaging some other players based on similar interests but no one responded. After 15 minutes of answering both outdated and at times repetitive trivia questions I was ranked 794th all time and earned $1. I am also 74th on the weekly list which leads me to believe the app has less than 100 active users. Reading the reviews on Google Play it is a combination of obvious fake reviews (multiple reviews showing up the same day with similar broken English) and people complaining they didn't get their money for answering the trivia questions.

Facedrive Marketplace
This launched in May and generated $7 thousand in revenue. The only products available are apparel from Westbrook Inc. (a content company affiliated with Will Smith). Facedrive partnered with Westbrook last year by purchasing a $1 million convertible note. In return they have the right to sell exclusive Westbrook products to their ridership. Curiously Facedrive failed to disclose at the time of the transaction that Westbrook Inc owned 192,338 shares in Facedrive at the time of its IPO. This is a recurrent theme - I give you shares, you give me shares.

Facedrive Foods + Food Hwy
Facedrive Foods consists of assets purchased out of bankruptcy from Foodora Canada. The cost was $500K. The assets Facedrive received were Foodora's restaurant and customer list. Customers however had to opt in through e-mail in order for their contact details to be released to Facedrive. Facedrive can not use Foodora's name nor did they acquire any of Foodora's technology. The Facedrive Foods app was developed from scratch and going by reviews it is not that good. The restaurants available are mostly second tier chains listed on pretty much all the food apps. On IOS the app is ranked #157 in the food category currently - they have no market penetration.
Food Hwy is probably the closest thing to a real business Facedrive has acquired. It is another food delivery app, quite niche as it caters to the foreign student market. Facedrive paid $9.1 million in cash and shares for Food Hwy. It expects it to generate $10.5 million in revenue in 2020. No mention of profit, growth rate, or its revenue from prior years. Just an expectation.

Facedrive Health
Facedrive Health is pretty much an app + wearable bracelet called TraceScan. Through bluetooth technology it can determine if you have come into contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19. Ontario already has a contact tracing app that works through bluetooth and can be downloaded onto one's mobile phone (no need for a bracelet). The official Ontario app only has 8% market penetration despite its ease of use. Facedrive is currently running a pilot with Air Canada for their bracelets but the market for these bracelets is so limited when the free Ontario app does a perfectly fine job in 99% of interactions.

Tally Technology
Facedrive invested $3 million in cash and shares in this sports prediction company founded by Russell Wilson. Tally's main asset TraceMe was sold last year to Nike. Nike had no interest in the tech that remains under the Tally umbrella. All the top execs at Tally also left for Nike so it is unclear at this point what potential the remaining assets have.

Steer Holdings
An electric vehicle subscription platform based out of Washington D.C. Another company on the verge of bankruptcy where Facedrive offered up $3.25 million USD worth of shares and in exchange the parent company of Steer purchased $2 million USD worth of shares - I give you shares and you buy some of them back. Again no mention of revenue, profit margins, growth rates or anything in the press release. Just a bunch of buzz words concerning the total addressable market.

Key Management

Does Facedrive have the management in place to successfully take on the behemoths of Uber and Lyft? Or to penetrate fresh verticals and successfully create a socially responsible ecosystem?

Junaid Razvi
Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of Facedrive, Razvi currently owns 8,751,930 shares or 9.3% of Facedrive. Prior to founding Facedrive Mr. Razvi was the CEO of an IT company in the Middle East . Not much else is known other than they have a horrible website.

Sayan Navaratnam
Current CEO of Facedrive and owns 32,395,180 shares or 34.75% of Facedrive. He assumed the position of CEO in March 2019 just prior to Facedrive's TSX-V listing application. Mr. Navaratnam at first glance has a respectable resume. He was CEO of A.C. Technical Systems, specializing in security and surveillance systems. From 2014-1019 he was the CEO Connex Telecommunications Corporation. He has an investment arm called the Malar Group which purchased control of both A.C. Technical and Connex. Between 2017 and 2019 Mr. Navaratnam and Malar also took a substantial stake in Facedrive. I suspect Mr. Navaratnam connected with the co-founder Mr. Razvi as they both worked in the IT telecommunications sphere. It appears Malar has an impressive portfolio of companies but most of them are subsidiaries of Connex. Both Mr. Razvi and Mr. Navaratnam are telecommunication and hardware experts who are trying to create a social enterprise digital ecosystem geared towards milennials. They are not millennials.

Heung Hung Lee
Current CFO of Facedrive. Ms. Lee has been working with Mr. Navaratnam since 2004 when she was the CFO of A.C. Technical Systems. She then became the CFO of Connex before taking the position at Facedrive. Ms. Lee has never been employed by a billion dollar corporation let alone been the CFO of one. Perhaps this position is too overwhelming as Facedrive has failed to file their last 2 quarterly financials on time.

Jay Wilgar
Jay Wilgar was appointed the chief strategy officer of Facedrive earlier this year. Formerly he was CEO of Newstrike Brands (cannabis company) and prior to Newstrike he was CEO of both a pharmaceutical and a renewable energy company. He has a history of building companies and selling them at opportune times. However he has no experience in technology and again has never been responsible for growing a billion dollar company.

And that's pretty much it for the brains of the company.

Shady Dealings

Mr. Navaratnam's Cash Cow
Prior to becoming a public company, Mr. Navaratnam was generating significant revenue for his companies by billing Facedrive for his companies' services. Mr. Navaratnam's companies under the Malar Group were responsible for not only developing the Facedrive app, but also providing customer and driver support, leasing office space, and marketing the app. Talk about an ecosystem! Here are some snippets from Facedrive's filings:
As at September 30, 2019, $917,236 (December 31, 2018 - $436,626) was due to Dynalync 2000 Inc., a related company controlled by our Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. The amount owing is a result of the related company providing consulting services and product development, and the amount is included in the Company’s trade payable. The total expenses charged to the Company for the nine months ended September 30, 2019 were $1,200,300 (2018 - $397,100), which were included in research and development expenses of $702,300 (2018 - $241,300) and operational support expenses of $505,000 (2018 - $155,700).
Facedrive also engages DependableIT through Dynalync, a related company controlled by Sayanthan Navaratnam, the CEO, director and co-founder of Facedrive, to provide call center services to Facedrive.
Facedrive subleases office space in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Scarborough, Ontario, North York, Ontario, Toronto, Ontario, Hamilton, Ontario and Kanata, Ontario from Connex pursuant to a sublease agreement dated April 1, 2019 for $5,000 per month plus applicable taxes.
Since Facedrive has gone public they have moved most of their operations in house and hired their own developers cutting off the related transactions. But what this does show is that Facedrive basically began as a vehicle for its CEO to enrich himself, not only through the issuance of cheap stock (more on that later) but also through Facedrive's expense account.

There is a group of posters on Stockhouse that just post the same gibberish day in and day out. Their only posts are on rideshare and big tech bullboards. These are not typical Stockhouse pumpers who own shares as they show up at the same time each day and in collaboration each cover a different talking point. No rocket emojis or "to the moon" memes - just buzz terms taken from press releases spun in a positive light. And they don't discuss any other stocks. You can find some of them here
Their grammar and erudition are also very similar to the fake reviews on the app stores.

Stock Promotion
The most egregious example of Facedrive's stock promotion is their agreement with Medtronics Online Solutions. Supposedly this is an arm lengths company and yet Google returns nothing. Pursuant to a Consulting Agreement, Medtronics provided and performed marketing and strategic consulting services for and on behalf of Facedrive. In return Medtronics received $8.2 million worth of stock or 800,000 shares.
Medtronics may be responsible for not only market making services (propping up the share price) but also various paid promotion that Facedrive has been engaged in. An example,
You may have also seen Facedrive heavily promoted on Motley Fool as the next Uber or Tesla or whatever is in vogue that week.

Misleading Press Releases
Pretty much all of Facedrive's press releases are misleading or overly promotional in one way or another. Take for example the press release announcing the appointment of Jay Wilgar. The release states,
Mr. Wilgar launched renewable development firm AIM PowerGen Corporation (“AIM”) and built it and successor companies into energy projects worth approximately $2.5 billion before AIM was acquired by global renewable power firm International Power Canada (IPR-GDF Suez) in 2009
AIM was acquired by International Power in 2009 but not for anywhere near $2.5 billion. In fact AIM was acquired for USD $109 million
Then there are the HiQ press releases, first announcing 250K downloads, then 500K downloads, then 1 million, then 1.5 million, and then 2 million. From the July 14th press release,
The App has ranked Top 10 Trivia App in over 100 countries, and ranked Top 10 App in over 50 countries. Additionally, HiQ has ranked as the Number 1 Trivia App in Bolivia, Ecuador, Egypt, Nepal, and Pakistan.
None of this is true. The app is lucky to have 100 active users. Furthermore there is no AI algorithm involved as is claimed nor is their any matching based on interests even though this would be incredibly easy to program. The suggested friends appears completely random.

True Value of Facedrive

Is it worth $1 billion?
The market, both private and public has never valued the company anywhere near $1 billion. Since 2017 Facedrive has issued stock at the following prices (all issues are split adjusted to correspond with the current share count, and converted to CAD):
The shares issued at $1.58 were issued in connection with the amalgamation agreement (IPO). The shares issued at 39 cents were all shares for debt transactions.
Think about this for a second. 22,480,113 shares or 24% of the outstanding shares were issued at a price of 2 cents! The price today is $11.06. What has changed since these shares were issued other than Facedrive has failed to meet any growth objectives and its market penetration along with brand power has dwindled to pretty much irrelevance.

Why is Facedrive trading at a $1 billion market cap?
As at June 30, 2020, the Company had 85,593,657 Shares subject to contractual lock-up restrictions which will be released on a rolling basis beginning March 16, 2021. 15% of the shares will come out of lock up on March 16, 2021, and for each subsequent 3 months another 15% will become free trading until September 30, 2022 when the final 10% will be released. This leaves only about 8 million shares in the current public float. It does not take much to move the share price in either direction.
Secondly, Facedrive has been promoting the stock in absolute desperation. They have enlisted an army of users to promote the stock on Stockhouse; they have posted fake reviews on both the Apple and Google app stores; they have paid for promotion in various investing publications; they have hired a mysterious marketing company to provide services in exchange for $8.2 million worth of shares. And yet they have done nothing to actually make a dent into their main competitors. Since its listing Facedrive has been more concerned with propping up its share price through stock promotion than it has been promoting its actual business to end users.

But, but intangibles!
There are none. There is no genius at the helm; there is no disruptive tech; there is no vision. Facedrive's best chance for success was to carve out a niche in the sustainable ridesharing market - capture the 1% of people that would be willing to wait 30 minutes for a ride in an EV. Not a billion dollar proposition but maybe something. Instead they opted for an endless dictionary of buzz words and delusions of grandeur.

So what is Facedrive's true value? The core of their operations, the ridesharing app, has made virtually no progress since it was developed in 2017. The ridesharing market is indeed a duopoly, and despite Facedrive's worst efforts to promote itself as an eco-conscious alternative it has failed to resonate with its target audience. If Uber or Lyft would be generous enough to purchase Facedrive's customer base (the tech is worthless to them) they might pay 20x net revenue or $20 million.
Given that management has done nothing to grow the business and its business plan is non-existent at worst and schizophrenic at best, it is hard to ascribe any value beyond what Facedrive has paid for the distressed assets they have purchased this year. So maybe another $15 million here (being extremely generous).
Then there is cash on the balance sheet which as of today given the recent acquisitions and burn rate is maybe $5 million.
So $40 million total. This actually sounds like way too much money for what one is getting but it still only equals 43 cents/share. Facedrive is currently trading at $11.06. Even throwing in another $50 million margin of error would still result in a 90% return from a short position.

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2020.10.25 22:27 Bu-whatwhat-tt Poor Experience w Legend Boats

TL;DR Buyer beware: Legend made me bite the pillow.
In late June 2020 my wife and I visited the facility and decided to purchase a Legend X16 with a Minn Kota Terrova 50lb trolling motor. We were told the 50lb thrust motor was out of stock, so we upgraded to the 80lb-thrust motor and a Humminbird Helix 7 for about $2000 more, so that we’d have a trolling motor for the season.
We arrived to pick up the boat on Saturday July 25, 2020, and we were informed that the trolling motor had not been installed as the mechanic called in sick that morning. Also, our Helix 7 and mooring cover won’t be in until the end of August.
We spent approximately 3 hours with the finance department while over 8 invoices were printed and voided, until we had one similar to the package we had decided on with the salesman during our previous visit.
That night, we took out our boat for the first time. The trailer handled well, and the launch went smoothly. Immediately upon giving the a boat a small amount of throttle, the boat pulled viciously to starboard and down. We proceeded with the recommended break-in procedure, hesitant to attempt speeds in excess of 10-15mph. All the while sending an email to Legend, whom responded that it must be caused by operator error and to practice more trimming the boat.
By the following weekend we had the motor beyond the break-in period and were excited to, “open-er up.” The boat reached a speed of 33mph at 4700rpm, well below the dealer claimed 45-50mph. Even 30mph is terrifiying when you have to fight the boat to keep it straight, and it refused to plane at any tilt or trim point. My wife and I called on alternating days for weeks, and even sent videos of how the boat was performing oddly.
At the end of August we returned to the dealership in person to discuss the issues, and were told that they hadn’t heard of that problem before, and they’d prefer to have new boat owners troubleshoot as much as possible on their own. I am by no means a marine mechanic, but I have driven boats similar for the past 20 years.
In early September, we were beyond frustrated and went back in person. We made the service department aware of our concern once again, and were told they would call to schedule an appointment within 2 weeks.
On September 23, 2020, a service tech called to tell us to bring our boat in on Thursday, and it would be ready on Friday the 25.
Upon arriving to drop off the boat, I personally took a stroll to parts & service to inquire about the availability of the remaining parts valued at nearly $3000 for which I had been making interest payments. Great news! “They’ve been here for a few weeks now!” I was confused as to why no one had called me to let me know. The employees then discussed their own role accountability, which Was none of my business; so I left.
On Friday, September 25, my wife and I received news that our boat hull was probably defective, and a warranty tech would be in on Monday to confirm.
Over the next week we left multiple voicemail messages for status updates, and moving forward with the warranty claim. Some time in early October, the phone was answered, and I was able to schedule an appointment to meet with the manager.
During the meeting with management, we were told that our hull would be replaced with one from a boat that someone had returned after using it for 2 weeks. I expressed my opinion that their two week old boat was not, “new,” and was told, “it’s new to us, it has warranty.” For precedent, I told them I had purchased a certified pre-owned vehicle with warranty, and I did not pay full price.
It is now late October, and we have not yet received the new, functional boat for which we paid over $50,000 for in late July.
I also suggested they could upgrade us to a 17’ hull they had in the showroom, with a list price of $1000 more in the catalog. They sent me an invoice for $58,000, that stated they would take our current package as a trade-in. I would lose all extended warranties I purchased with the old package. I would also lose all interest, paid on the current loan, and the $2300 job loss insurance for the 7 year duration of the loan would be lost/voided.
No resolution to date.
Edit: This was at the Whitefish, Ontario, Canada dealership. The founding dealership, and manufacturing facility for Legend Boats.
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2020.10.25 16:42 samreenfashion Deemas Fashion

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About Deemas Fashion

In a world of hi-tech solutions to design and production, the importance of the handmade object lies increasingly in its ability to connect us to each other. Welcome to Deemas Fashion Store, where our goal is to forge that connection as we explore the intimate nature of handmade dresses and clutches. We are an Internet based business offering people a wide selection of high quality outfits at home shopping convenience.
DeemasFashion: – A unique name in traditional Asian cloths and fashion accessories. We are serving people around the map a wide selection of high quality outfits at home shopping convenience. Our website provides an intimate, boutique shopping experience with all the choice & Customisation of a fashion store. We know you are discerning shoppers and have a choice, which is why we are continuously working to give you the best quality products and services we can. With an emphasis on style and fit, we want you to be able to rely on Deemas Fashion every time.
Deemas Fashion is offering a diverse mix of fashion and accessories, ranging from the classic to the quirky, the variety, at Deemas Fashion, is extensive, from casual, evening and party wear to Special Offers, Discounted Rates and bridal wears.
We use high quality of imported fabric and particularly like to work with novelty fabric, but put it in a basic shape. This, we believe, helps the piece last. Our main emphasis has been to create Made-to-measure clothes with excellent colors schemes and embroidery with fashion embellishments in all their compositions. On regular requests from customers, Deemas Fashion offering replica dress designs from famous dress designers from Asia on affordable prices.
Today Deemas Fashion is the premier source for stylish living. There is simply no reason to have to stop at convenient shopping solution for today’s busy lifestyles. You can be at your desk, in your home, you are constantly connected, 24 x 7 days a week, its “Shopping in your own style”.
We will SAVE YOU MONEY. We often have exclusive offers for YOU. Please subscribes and latest news and updates. Our site is fast-loading and easy to use. Want to order by phone instead of online? We give you the telephone ordering number for site. We constantly strive to add new and exciting features and sections to the site. We hope these will serve as an increased benefit to you. Location 23.03* N 72.58* E which happens to be in Lahore. Many of us are also based out of 12.97* N 77.56* E * E which happens to be Birmingham. A mathematically insignificant few of us are based in. What is your commitment to me? We are committed to complete [customer care](mailto:[email protected]). We guarantee that all your dealings with us will be conducted in a fair and professional manner. Do you have any stores?
Deemas Fashion is a Mail Order and Internet based business, so we do not have any shops. All our dresses are made-to-order that means every order is cut-out and sewn individually. Better than off-the-peg dresses. Our made-to-measure service is free of cost. We offer customisation service such as change of colour, style, fabric, embroidery and length of garments. By keeping ourselves an Internet based business, we can keep our prices competitive, and deliver goods to you with all your required amendments more quickly.
We do offer ‘RUSH’ cuts for quick delivery needs. This service may have a fee. Please contact customer service regarding priority order service availability, delivery dates and rush surcharges. What customers say about us! To read customers’ testimonials please click here. How can I contact you for further information? Should you have any further questions that are not covered by our FAQs, SHIPMENT & RETURN POLICY and TERMS & CONDITIONS as part of our help pages, please contact us:- We thank you for visiting our site today and look forward to seeing you here often!
Wedding Related
Information Pages
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Social Menu
Deemas Fashion from Birmingham, United Kingdom 2020📷
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2020.10.25 03:10 CostcoHotdawgs Any experience/advice for an Ontarian fighting a ticket in Quebec??

Went to Quebec a month ago and got mailed a nasty $489 ticket for having an expired sticker on my plates. Specifically, the ticket is for "failing to register my vehicle with the competent authority” (Section 6 of Highway Safety Code).
Service Ontario’s site currently says “Products that expired on or after March 1, 2020, have an extended expiry date until further notice. We will notify you when it is time to renew”. My sticker expired in June. Yes I know I could have renewed online but that isn’t the point here, so please don't bother telling me I could have avoided this. And yes, I know I'll have to pay for this year's sticker... I'm not trying to avoid paying. Service Ontario said the expiration is extended and my stickers are good until further notice, their site urges people not to come in and they say we will be notified when it's time to renew. Hence, I have not renewed.
I want to fight this ticket since my vehicle was actually registered when I got the ticket since my expiration was extended. My own province says it’s totally good and legal to be driving with those plates. There's even documentation out there saying this extension is being recognized in the USA. But it's Quebec who issued this ticket.
I have heard horror stories about Ontarians fighting tickets in Quebec. I need to write a written explanation and mail it back to when with my ticket and I’m planning on printing and attaching the Service Ontario site page where it says the expiration is extended. I wish I could get more in writing from Ontario to say they weren’t expired.
If anyone has experienced something similar or has any advice for me fighting this ticket, I would love to hear it.
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2020.10.20 04:47 random20190826 Rogers representative incompetence: what they do is not what they say

I live in Ontario, and I have this promotion that was supposed to expire on November 29 (context: it is the Gigabit Unlimited internet plan, $50 + HST)
So, yesterday, I called Rogers to look for a promotion that will start on November 29, and I get one--the price is significantly more expensive, at $65 + HST, but I suck it up because it is literally the cheapest I can find (cheaper than any I can come up with on Google or resellers, etc...) So I accept. I record these kinds of calls, and on the call, the representative says: the promotion will start on November 29. I said, OK.
I logged into the Rogers account and see a bill, $63.17. What? This is wrong, $50 + HST is $56.5, not $63.17, something has to be wrong. I call them up, telling them I am overbilled. They look, and say "you accepted the offer and it is effective as of yesterday". What? That can't be, she told me it would be November 29 multiple times, not "today", or "October 18", none of that stuff. So, I wait 5 hours and call again, no luck. After being on hold for essentially half an hour, they say they will credit me the $23.64 to account for the fact that it isn't supposed to start on November 29, but they can't move the start date to November 29.
Because I am an idiot, I accept it without realizing the consequences for what would happen come October 17, 2021. It looks like I will have to call them again tomorrow if I want anything done to try resolving it. This time, I will ask to speak to a supervisor. If that doesn't work, I will email the CEO. If that fails, a complaint to CCTS will be next.
Record all your calls with all customer service representatives, people. We have one-party consent laws in Canada no matter what province or territory you live in. Some evidence is better than no evidence.
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2020.10.18 22:27 RabidGuppy Service Ontario wait times?

I tried to renew my health and drivers license online, but was told I'm not eligible for it (Not sure if its the requirement for glasses or being past 90 days expired).
What have the wait times and crowds at Service Ontario been like recently? Has anyone gone to one in the last while? What time should I try and get there to avoid a long wait?
I'm in Gloucester and really don't want to have to wait in line/near people for this as I avoid leaving the house due to the pandemic, but I might need to drive into Quebec in the near future and don't want to risk a ticket because they don't care that Ontario extended expiry dates for the time being.
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2020.10.18 16:31 CostcoHotdawgs Any experience/advice fighting tickets in Gatineau??

Went to Nordik last month and just got a nasty $489 ticket in the mail for having an expired sticker on my plates.
Service Ontario’s website currently says “Products that expired on or after March 1, 2020, have an extended expiry date until further notice. We will notify you when it is time to renew”. My sticker expired in June and I have not renewed it since they said we will be notified when it’s time to renew.
I am wanting to fight this ticket since the expiration on my plates was extended by my province of residence. My own province says it’s totally good and legal to be driving with those plates. But Quebec issued this ticket. To me, this is like someone from Quebec coming to Ontario with no front plate on their car (totally fine for them) and receiving a ticket for it since it’s against our rules here.
Yes I know I could have renewed online but that isn’t the point here. Service Ontario said the expiration is extended. My stickers are good until further notice according to them.
I have heard horror stories about Ontarians fighting tickets in Quebec like people tickets being doubled. I don’t speak good enough French to communicate. I need to write a written explanation and mail it back to when with my ticket. I’m planning on printing the Service Ontario site page where it says the expiration is extended. I’m also going to see if I can contact the MPP. I wish I could get more in writing from Ontario to say they weren’t expired. If anyone has experienced something similar or has any advice for me fighting this ticket, I would love to hear it.
EDIT: Since so many are asking why I just didn't renew online, it's because I am working temporarily 6h away from home as a respiratory therapist for the pandemic. I came here to work before my sticker expired. If I renewed online, my sticker would get sent to my home which isn't where I am which doesn't help. It is directly related to the pandemic that I have not renewed which is why the pandemic extension is helpful for some. I didn't renew to try to avoid paying for my sticker
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2020.10.16 15:10 LiveWithinYourMeans Reliance Water Heater Rental bullshit... Please help.

Edit - In Ontario
I just found about the entire rental water heater scam, and I definitely want to get rid of this plague. The units installed are probably from 2008. There is a Pressure Test tag attached by National Home Services with a 2008 date.
My tenants moved out and I, being pro-active, set pre-authorized payments set up to avoid any disconnection and late fees etc. etc. I saw a letter recently from Reliance where in the middle (seems deliberate) they mention "By making your first payment, you indicate that you have agreed to the rental of equipment on these terms". Such a snake move!! I am furious!! The first bill has already been paid.
In short, I would like some tips so that I am fully prepared before tackling this issue and speaking with Reliance over the phone.
  1. I would like to add here that I do travel for work and am not home most of the time. If my family is home, should I leave it as rental for support/service purposes?
  2. Is there anything I should do before calling them, eg, get the unit serviced or inspected by them?
  3. How should my approach be? What specific questions should I ask them in order to corner them off instead of them trying to trap me?
  4. Is there a billing cycle that I should wait for to complete in order to reduce my buy-out (if any) from them?
  5. What alternatives do I have in the market? Any reliable heater you recommend?
Thanks in advance for your help.
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2020.10.14 20:42 insureincanada Super Visa insurance Cost Insure in Canada

Medical insurance companies offer different plans for Supervisa Insurance. When obtaining Super Visa insurance, you must look at the plan benefit rather than just search for the lowest premiums display.
Some of the most crucial aspects to consider are:
1. Deductible - You Can have a deductible level ranging from 0$ up to 10,000$. We can advise you to make the right decision by discussing each insured's risk/tolerance for Supervisa insurance.
2. Halfway Cancellation- In case no claims are made on the policy. Clients are eligible for partial premium refunds. Companies charge different cancellation fees, starting with "No Fees" up to $100
3. Pre-Existing Conditions - Visitors can be covered for pre-existing medical conditions as well. Certain factors, such as the stability period of medical necessity, ascertain medical condition eligibility under the visitor insurance policy. Our skillful Insurance advisor will be able to guide you with the best solution at the right price.
4. Per Claim or Policy Period- Some travel insurance companies take the deductible amount option into consideration per claim. In contrast, some companies recognize the deductible amount preference elected for the policy period (once in duration of the policy).
Quick facts
· Available for Visitors from any country visiting Canada
· The maximum duration of the policy is one year
· Can be continued for another year
· Minimum coverage is from $CA 100,000
· You may take coverage for pre-existing medical conditions if stable for 120 days or 180 days
· You can purchase the emergency medical insurance once you arrive in Canada; the waiting period will apply
· Covers direct payment of Hospitalization and medical expenses
· You can make side trips outside of Canada.
Benefits at a glance
· Emergency medical expenses
· Ambulance fee
· Hospital allowances such as meals and parking
· Emergency diagnostic benefits, such as x-rays and blood work recommended by the physician
· Paramedical services
· Prescription drugs for 30 days; unlimited if hospitalized
· Emergency dental treatment
· Transportation of friend or family member to the bedside
· Expenses for childcare
· Expenses to bring you home
· Costs to return your travel companion or children under your care
· Costs related to your death
· Returning your vehicle to your home
Please call us for the no obligatory SuperVisa Insurance quote and discuss the topics mentioned above and find the right visitor insurance coverage for your parents and grandparents. You can run your quote by using our instant calculator. You need necessary information such as date of birth, arrival date, departure date and know if the client has pre-existing medical conditions. Click Get a quote, and you will see all the primary insurance provides easy to read plan details summary.
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2020.10.12 10:51 notpreposterous SCAM ALERT. Scammers posting jobs under Sywbol company

When you click Apply on company website:
Lots of jobs posted but the website is registered only a month ago. The company doesn't exist, no google search results
WHOIS information: Domain name:
Data validation: Nominet was not able to match the registrant's name and/or address against a 3rd party source on 06-Sep-2020 Registrar: Namesco Limited [Tag = NAMESCO] URL: Relevant dates: Registered on: 06-Sep-2020 Expiry date: 06-Sep-2021 Last updated: 09-Sep-2020 
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2020.10.11 00:15 GlorifiedScoundrel Was fired from a sales position without cause during a probationary period and the employer is claiming they don't owe me a commission on my work.

As the title mentions, in early August I was hired by a real estate brokerage as an inside sales agent. The role of the job is to follow up on leads generated by getting contact information from real estate websites like, google ads, and a few other sources. If I manage to make an appointment with a potential client, and that client proceeds to complete a purchase or sale through the brokerage, I am to receive a commission as a bonus.
Compensation clause from contract:
  1. Compensation (a) As full compensation for all services provided the employee shall be paid at the rate of $500.00 per week including vacation pay, Employee is entitled to a two-week paid vacation per annum after completing one full year of service for the Employer, plus 3 paid sick days per year. Such payments shall be subject to such normal statutory deductions by the Employer. (b) BONUS: 5 % FOR ALL NON PREMIUM APPOINTMENTS OF COMMISSIONS PAYABLE TO THE BENNETT PROPERTY SHOP, LESS ANY AND ALL BROKER FEES, ON (1) END PER CLIENT* UP TO A MAXIMUM OF 1 MILLION NET SALES PRICE OR A MAXIMUM OF $1250.00 THE CDC IS PAID ON THE END WHICH FIRST GENERATED A SIGNED CONTRACT; EITHER LISTING AGREEMENT OR AN OFFER TO PURCHASE. *CLIENT IS DETERMINED AS A LEAD THAT CDC BOOKED AN APPOINTMENT WITH AND HAS DIRECTLY CONTRIBUTED TO HIS/HER SUCCESSFUL PURCHASE OR SALE. CDC MUST SCHEDULE, AND PERFORM FOLLOW-UP CALLS TO TAKE PLACE NO MORE THAN 30 DAYS FROM LAST CONTACT IN ORDER TO BE ELIGIBLE TO RECEIVE BONUS.
Last week I requested to work from home as my job can be done remotely and my partner works with young kids. I thought since COVID cases had been rising dramatically this would be a non-issue as there were already a few others working remotely. Management ignored this email and I had to send a follow-up 3 days later and call HR three times(the first two without answer) before they allowed me to work from home last Friday. Last Sunday, without cause, I was fired by email. I proceeded to call all managers to find out why. No one answered.
Monday, I send an email asking for the following: (1) The reason I was fired as a professional courtesy, (2)How to return their property,(3)payroll and tax information, and (4) how I would be compensated for my commission and what assurances are there that I would be paid. I did not receive a reply.
Friday I replied to the email I sent asking them to reply and to submit my record of employment and if they did not I would have to tell Service Ontario that they were refusing to communicate with me.
They promptly replied to that, and after a few emails sorting out my address for payroll information they told me that I would not be receiving commission on any of my booked appointments.
from email There are no Bonus payment due as there are no Firm Agreements in place at the date of termination of October 4th.
When reading over the compensation and termination agreements from the contract, I see no reason why I would not be granted my bonuses based on the fact that there is no language that the agreements had to be finalized before I was terminated - I just had to secure the lead to an appointment with an agent and if that lead to a purchase or sale, the commission would go through.
Termination clause
  1. Termination (a) The Employee may at any time terminate this agreement and his employment by giving not less than two weeks written notice to the Employer. (b) The Employer may terminate this Agreement and the Employee’s employment at any time, without notice or payment in lieu of notice, for sufficient cause. If you are terminated for cause, during your probation period or you resign from your employment, you will not receive any notice or pay in lieu or severance pay. Cause for this purpose includes such things as unsatisfactory performance, dishonesty, insubordination and serious misconduct, as well as anything else which would legally constitute cause. (c) The Employer may terminate the employment of the Employee at any time without the requirement to show sufficient cause pursuant to (b) above, provided the Employer pays to the Employee an amount as required by the Employment Standards Act 2000 or other such legislation as may be in effect at the time of termination. This payment shall constitute the employees entire entitlement arising from said termination. (d) The employee agrees to return any property of -------at the time of termination
I secured over 75 appointments over my two months of working with this company and was paid minimum wage with the understanding that the appointments would lead to commission and in turn be paid more. I feel like I am still entitled to it personally and contractually. I am not sure how to proceed and even if my feelings are justified. I am not wealthy and the commission that I worked hard would have been a significant amount of money to me. Any advice would be helpful :)
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2020.10.09 17:21 onthebeachTO Cockroaches and Bed Bugs – can I break a lease? Plus some legal case stories from LTB ...

In Ontario, the landlord or property manager has to keep up an apartment to standards which includes taking care of bug problems. We have a few slum landlords here in Toronto who like to bleed every dollar without working too hard and don’t mind renting to their cockroach friends. Some will look you straight in the eye and say things like, I haven’t seen any bugs, look how clean it is! Trust me, it is all lies.
Because, you see, cockroaches are hiding in the walls and party at night with every crumb left. They’ll sip what’s left from your beer bottles because like some old friends, they really like alcohol. And they avoid the bright lights hoping you go away thinking, well, I’ll just kill some of the stupid brothers I see out in the day. Right? Nah, these are evil motherfuckers. They can run three miles an hour and can live without food for a whole month. So evil, they can live for a week without their heads. Cockroaches have survived for over 300 million years. They are warriors and you must go nuclear when you find one. Yah, just one and it could be a dead shell of an insect too.
If you can, it is best to do a deep clean and detailed inspection of the place before bringing your furniture and boxes inside. If you find dead bugs, white powder, etc, then you have to fight it because it means the guy before you was infested. But the landlord has a right to treat the place even though the bugs were there first. Yah, that’s right, his cockroach friends were already tenants, they rule. But maybe the landlord is a really nice guy who didn’t know his previous tenant was also a super nice guy sharing his kitchen or bathroom with their buddies. That can happen with bed bugs, less so with cockroaches.
It is, without a shadow of doubt, a very bad sign when you find bugs on Day 1. You want to run, but you just signed this year long legal lease for thousands of dollars. You suddenly realize you are responsible and you are going to be living in a war zone. You have to sleep knowing they come out at night. If you thing the covid-19 cleaning habits are a pain, wait until you fight these bastards. Your only choice is to convince the landlord to rip up the lease, otherwise, he has to “try” to get rid of his cockroach friends. Sometimes you can get some sympathy, you have a health problem, allergies or bad asthma. You’ll have to explain that you won’t be able to live with the insecticide dust the extermination guys leave behind to kill the bugs. It is just not healthy.
Below are some legal cases, you can win, but document, document, keep after them with emails every time you see a bug, and after a couple of months, then you can prove he’s lazy if the cockroaches haven’t moved out. It is important to send emails to show you have been fighting them too. By Ontario law, if the bugs don’t leave, it means that he hasn’t properly maintained the place. The LTB (landlord and tenant board) will allow you to break the lease and move out. Landlords must keep an apartment or a house clean and free of bugs. When you spend months trying to get rid of them and they keep coming back, that means he hasn’t done his job right. Probably the building is infested or he did the job himself cheaply with some Home Depot supplies.
If it is a lone landlord in a sea of condos, then the same applies. It is his bad decision to invest in a poorly run building with bad property management. It is not your problem as a renter. He needs to keep up with property management to ensure they maintain the building, not just read their emails. Here in Toronto, too many don’t regularly inspect their investment in person, often not checking the apartment or condo for years and years. It is why meth labs survive, why pot grow-ops survive and at the end of the day, it is why bad neighbours don’t get evicted.
Unlike Europe and many American cities, it seems renters are second class citizens here in Canada. Home ownership has always been a dream with all of our land but it is here in Toronto where the myth of the condo was created back in 1960. It was to make more affordable housing by grouping bills into condo fees but like the next bright idea to include electricity, it ended up in the bad rental situation of today.
With bed bugs, there is no way to prove who brought them in, so by Ontario law, the landlord is on the hook to pay to exterminate them. His only choice with a hoarder who has bed bugs is to evict him. It is why some condo property managers bully renters because legally, they can’t ask a renter to pay for extermination services. If they are forcing you to, then call the LTB (landlord and tenant board). They may try to raise the rent for extra expenses until eviction though. The reason for eviction would be for the tenant not making an effort to help get rid of these bugs and costing him more money and headaches.
Oh, and don’t forget to make sure no-one hitches a ride on your boxes when you move out. The cockroaches like to travel even with these covid-19 quarantine restrictions. They don’t care if some of their friends are left behind twitching and dying from the poison they spray. You'll eventually notice a weird musty smell from their cribs in the walls. Never blame yourself for missing it when you first looked at the place, the only sign is small brown cockroach shit spots on the baseboards and walls. Often the spots can be found only in the hallways because the landlord has painted over them.
Here are some legal cases to show what happens. It is from a website that does pest control with less toxins, called Environmental Pest Control. It is about bedbugs, but the same applies to cockroaches.
There are over seventy types of cockroaches here, the two main types are American and German. American cockroaches originally came from Africa coming over with the slave ships back in the 1500s. The German ones arrived later but are the best at survival skills, considered the #1 pest of all pests here on this continent. It is important to know one’s enemy by identifying then reading about their battle tactics. Often it takes months to plug the tiny gaps and holes. Good luck.
Case A Date Application Heard: February 10, 2009
Tenant applied for an order determining that the Landlords’ failed to meet the Landlords’ maintenance obligations under the Residential Tenancies Act, 2006 or failed to comply with health, safety, housing or maintenance standards. Tenant also applied stating that the Landlords interfered with the reasonable enjoyment of the rental unit by the Tenant.
Reasons: The Tenant moved into the rental unit on December 5, 2009. She woke up the next morning with multiple bedbug bites on her arms. The Tenant told the Landlords of the problem on December 7th. The Landlords contacted a pest control company and attended the unit that same day and determined both bedbugs and fleas were present and the unit was treated. After this incident, there were more infestations resulting in the unit being treated a total of seven times from December 7th to December 31st. During this time the Tenant moved out and left the Landlords in possession of the vacant rental unit.
Determinations: The Landlord and Tenant Board determined that the Landlord did fail to comply with subsection 20(1) of the Residential Tenancies Act, 2006 because they failed to adequately address an infestation of bedbugs in the rental unit. They also agreed that the failure to resolve the issue interfered with the Tenant’s reasonable enjoyment of the rental unit under section 22 of the Act. The Landlords owe the Tenant $2,160.56 as a result of the Tenant having to dispose her property after her mattress and sofa were unsalvageable, the out-of-pocket expenses she incurred such as medical, laundering and protecting clothing and bedding and an abatement of rent.
Notes: In this case the Tenant did everything she could to prevent the spread of bedbugs. Ultimately moving out of the unit was an action she was willing to take.
Case B Location: Toronto, Ont. Date application heard: July 15, 2009 and December 10, 2009 Tenant applied for an order determining that the Landlord failed to meet the Landlord’s maintenance obligations under the Residential Tenancies Act, 2006 or failed to comply with health, safety, housing or maintenance standards. Tenant also applied stating that the Landlords interfered with the reasonable enjoyment of the rental unit by the Tenant.
Reasons: The Tenant confirmed her rental unit was infested with bedbugs and told her Landlord immediately. The Tenant was given a preparation sheet for bedbug treatment and the Landlord arranged for a pest control company to treat the rental unit. The unit was treated on February 6th, February 23rd, March 2nd without success. On March 17th a Public Health Inspector found the unit was still infested with bedbugs and was then treated again on March 24th. During this time the Tenant gave notice to terminate her tenancy on April 30th. The Tenant left her belongings in the unit and instructed the Landlord to dispose of them.
Determinations: The Landlord and Tenant Board determined that the Landlord did fail to meet the Landlord’s obligations under subsection 20(1) of the Act to maintain the rental unit. The Landlord also interfered with the reasonable enjoyment of the rental unit by the Tenant. The Tenant is entitled to $2,385.31 from the Landlord for out-of-pocket expenses incurred for alternate accommodation, calking materials, medical expenses and an abatement of rent.
Notes: In this case the Tenant did not receive the full amount she asked for because she did not leave the rental unit vacant making it difficult for the Landlord to mitigate their losses. She filed for $2,500 for a replacement value of the bed and other materials in her rental unit. The Board felt that the items might have been salvageable with proper treatment. She also wanted to claim lost wages for having to take time off work from the bites she received, the Board found the doctor’s note the Tenant received did not mention the need for time off work.
Case C Location: Toronto, Ont. Date Application Heard: January 27, 2010 Tenant applied for an order determining that the Landlord failed to meet the Landlord’s maintenance obligations under the Residential Tenancies Act, 2006 or failed to comply with health, safety, housing or maintenance standards.
Reasons: The Tenant moved into the rental unit in February 2008 and saw the first bedbug in August 2008. The unit was treated by a professional on February 12, 2009. The Tenant said the exterminator soaked his futon with chemicals forcing him to get a new mattress. The Tenant said the bedbugs returned several months later in November and informed his Landlord. The Tenant refused treatment from a professional believing the chemicals used would harm his health. The Tenant paid to have a contractor seal up his unit in March 2009. He also had the unit steam cleaned and kept most his items covered by plastic, but claimed the bedbugs were still present. In January the Toronto Bed Bug Project inspected the rental unit and found no signs of live bedbugs or bedbug fecal matter.
Determinations: The Board found the Tenant failed to establish that the Landlord breached its obligations to comply with health, safety, housing or maintenance standards. Toronto Public Health suggests the unit is not currently infested with bedbugs. The Tenant’s application is dismissed.
Notes: The Tenant is likely responsible if the unit sees a bedbug infestation because he refused the Landlord’s offer to have the unit treated a second time. Although the Board understands the possible harmful effects of the chemicals used by the pest control company, the Landlord still proposed means of addressing the bedbug infestation by acceptable practice in the City of Toronto for dealing with this type of problem.
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2020.10.04 21:56 r3gam Settling a collections debt

To make a long story short I cosigned a cell phone agreement for my younger sister a few years ago which has since gone to shit for a while now. The only reason I cosigned it is because she needed cell service for work and I did not know at the time it would also affect my credit.
The money and paying it off is not the problem, but it's trying to figure out WHO to pay that is a wild goose hunt.
My sister, as she tells me, forgot the number and a name search with Koodo was not able to pull the account, so touching base with the original vendor to track it down has not worked.
I have credit reporting through Credit Karma, Borrowell and by proxy with my bank for TransUnion as well, but all those reports do not provide me enough information on the creditor. All that's stated is General Credit (agency), the date and the amount owed.
Any advice on how to get this sorted?
E: province, Ontario
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2020.10.03 02:14 bucknekked005 Advice regarding lost bill of sale for car in ontario.

So I recently helped my dad sell his car. Sold it as is gave a used vehicle information package to the buyer along with the transfer part of the ownership and had 2 copies of a bill of sale signed and dated ready for the transfer.
I accidentally left my copy of the bill of sale in the used vehicle info package along with the user's manual when I handed it to.him and he put his plates on the car and drove away. I've been trying to get it back for the past 3 days so I can go to service ontario, get a refund for my plates and declare the vehicle sold and so he can come and pick-up the car he left at my work parking lot. He keeps telling me he's " 30 minutes out" and that he'll be right over. but he keeps flaking out. I'm starting to worry he's going to be doing something sketchy with the car and it's.going to.come back to bite me in the ass...
So what can I do? should I call the police? Do I go to service ontario without the bill of sale? I have his old car plate number... actually I have his old car sitting outside my shop.
Any advice would be extremely welcomed.
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2020.10.03 01:30 cw9595cw His Name Was Cameron Sage (2020 Novel)

u/cw9595cw presents: His Name Was Cameron Sage;
Read to you by Not Cameron Sage.
In this very unrealistic story, I take advantage of my very strong imagination just like Mr. John Lennon or Mr. Wonka had an I can make up whatever I want or can think of.
I also suffer Asperger's and ASD, as well as OCD along with a form of confirmed Tourettes which should explain the particular interest in certain numbers and dates.
Character Profiling; Cameron Jefferson, 24/m, born 1995-07-31, in Saint Joseph, MO. USA. Bessey Bowman, 24/f, born 1995-08-10, in Saint Joseph, MO. USA. Jackie Rosemary, 24/f, born 1995-12-18, in Jersey City, NJ. USA. Cameron Sage, 23/m, born 1995-12-19, in Jersey City, NJ. USA. Jackie Kennedy, 90/f, born 1929-04-14, in Port Colborne, ON. CAN. Dane Whitehall, 90/m, born 1929-04-04, in Port Colborne, ON. CAN. Jim O'Brien, 89/m, born 1930-01-10, in Port Colborne, ON. CAN. Jack Franck, 89/m, born 1930-04-25, in Port Colborne, ON. CAN.
The Characters Originally from Missouri and New Jersey all immigrate to Southern Ontario Canada circa 1999, around age 3 or 4.
Occupations; Jefferson = CEO @ Mom's Spaghetti (Chef Boyardee Competitor) Bowman = Police Officer @ Ontario Provincial Police Department. Rosemary = School Teacher @ Son-Of-A-Bitch Street Elementary School. Sage = Cement Truck Driver @ Dain City/Cook Construction Co.
Intro; December 18, 2019. (2019-12-18), Less than Two Weeks Shy Of The 2020's.
That Wednesday Evening, 23-year-old Cameron Jack Sage, was happily driving around The Niagara Region in his Cement Truck, to which he nicked named the CT-1995.
Sage had owned his own Cement Truck since his 17th Birthday (2012-12-19), purchasing it in his senior year of high school (grade 12).
That night after work, he was preparing for his 24th birthday, and went to The New Jersey Store in downtown Port Colborne, where they always had New Jersey's, including Major League Sports.
Sage thought this was really interesting, as he himself was Originally from The US State of New Jersey, (3rd US State/1787-12-18), he then took a Blue XL Tom Brady Pats Jersey to the register:
The Cashier said, "That'll be $144.75!"
Sage then gave The Cashier 145 bucks, then he was given a quarterback.
"Thank you for the quarterback," he said as he walked out of The New Jersey Store in his New Tom Brady Pats Jersey.
Sage then Left The New Jersey Store grinning from Ear-To-Ear, then drove over to his Local Liquor Store next.
After Sage had already got himself stuck in line, He then realized he left his wallet right in his Cement Truck's console, which contained his ID and most of his money.
As anyone who appeared to be under the age of 25, must provide a valid form of government ID, with their valid date-of-birth.
The Liquor Store Cashier, who looked like she was 12, was also wearing a #12 Tom Brady Jersey, but for The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, predicting that Tom would be traded away to Tampa come springtime.
Sage wasn't even ID'd anyway cause The Cashier thought he looked like he was fucking 50!
The Total originally came out to $20.00, but Sage willingly paid $20.20 for his Corona's anyways instead of just 20 bucks flat.
"Thank You For The Quarter Back" laughed Sage.
As he was walking away towards the door with his Coronas in his Tom Brady Pats Jersey, The Cashier in her Tom Brady Bucs Jersey called out to him, "Fuck The Pats, Fuck The Police, Fuck You and Especially. Fuck, Corona!".
Sage left The Liquor Store in his Cement Truck with his Ronas then cranked up Never Again By Nickelback for like the fucking 2001st time.
Lastly, Sage went to his Local Grocery Store and got 9 cans of Premium Mom's Spaghetti Brand Ravioli at $1.45 a can (9 cans for $13.05).
Mom's Spaghetti was Chef Boyardee's top competitor, making various canned goods of Spaghetti, Ravioli, Lasanga, Beefaroni, etc.
Sage also most likely paid $13.30 instead of $14.
Now with a New Tom Brady Pats Jersey, 9 Ronas, and 9 cans of Ravioli, Sage was driving his Cement Truck east-bound on Clarence Street through Downtown Port Colborne, approaching Welland Canal Bridge No 21 preparing for his 24th birthday.
Then Sage was cut off by a 1930 Green Ford Model-A, who very rudely pulled-out in-front of Sage's Cement Truck, forcing him to apply his brakes, or else Sage would have rear-ended the cement-heads.
They were doing like 23kph on a 50kph city street, and nobody likes you when you're doing 23kph on a 50kph city street.
The Driver, 89-year-old Jack Franck, and his 89-year-old life-long best-friend, Jim O'Brien, both born in 1930, just 15 weeks (105 days) apart, and we're both pushing 90, as they were both just out looking for a good time, and you're never too old to look for a good time.
Suddenly from out of nowhere, at 19:29 pm (7: 29 pm) A 1929 Red Rolls Royce came flying down Clarence street east-bound through downtown Port Colborne towards the bridge at a ridiculously fast speed.
The Driver, 90-year-old Dane Whitehall, and his 90-year-old wife, Jackie Kennedy, both Jacked on Crack-Cocaine and doing 105kph on a 50kph street just fucking givin err!
They were blaring Turn Down For What through their car radio at full volume in honor of its 6th anniversary. Even memorizing all the lyrics, screaming them out loud, at the top of their lungs.
Jackie even had this big-ass bucket of Red Paint, with her window fully rolled down, and the lid already pried off.
Then Jackie said fuck it, before she hucked the bucket.
Right threw the front drivers-side window of Jim and Jack's 1930 Green Ford Model-A, which would then Skim Jack and Jim right off both their chinney chin-chins and were both covered from head to toe in red paint in their green car.
Then Dane ran the red light, then smashed through the south-western road-gate, then he raced across the bridge, then smashed through the south-eastern road-gate right before the bridge was raised into the dark night.
Sage, along with the two 89-year-old dudes in front of him, were all stuck at the 90-year-old Lift Bridge as it was raised to the top for a passing ship in The Welland Canal.
Cam Sage was now pretty pissed off. "This is horseshit, Fuck You Bridge, my luck really sucks at times." he sulked.
The Ship was The Jack Fitzgerald, of The 95 Shipping Company. Measuring 731ft. long, 75ft. wide, with a draft of 36ft.
The ship had been in service since 1995. Turning 24-years-old The Following Day, just like Cameron Sage.
As Christmas Day was the following Wednesday, The Fitzgerald was delivering plenty of Buzz Light-Year and Woody Merchandise Toys for all the good girls and boys at the front, and tons of Jack Daniels and Viagra for all the naughty adults at the back.
At 19:33 (7:33 pm) Sage cracked open his first tallboy, then said "Fuck Probation".
Sage would then alternate between a tallboy and a can of Ravioli once every 4 minutes or so, until all 9 tallboys, and all 9 cans of ravioli, were all consumed.
Also The Ship had arrived at/under Bridge 21 @ 19:59 pm (7:59 pm) which is unusually slow, then the ship finally fucking clears the Bridge at 20:20 while Sage was crushing some Rona's in his CT-1995.
Taking 21 minutes to clear Welland Canal Bridge No. 21 in Late 2019.
Not being able to cross the canal, Sage's eyes went cross-eyed, then his jaw dropped cause he was unhappy the stupid bridge wouldn't fucking drop.
At 20:43 (8:43 pm) He then starting Jerking Off at the bridge for the final half-hour that it was stuck. Then Sage came 4 separate times, all over his windshield.
Sage then turned on his handy custom-installed interior windshield-wipers for this very reason.
At 21:14 (9:14 pm) after An Hour and 45 minutes (105 minutes), The Bridge finally lowered again, then the road-gates raised, and the red light turned green, inviting traffic to safely cross The Bridge over The Canal.
Then Sage cautiously drove across the canal.
Then 15 minutes later at 21:29 (9:29 pm), Sage was driving northbound on Hwy 1 40 in Port Colborne heading towards Welland.
Meanwhile, An Undercover Ontario Provincial Sophomore Police Officer, 24-year-old Bessey Bowman, was patrolling Hwy 1 40 at that time, sitting at the precise and exact midpoint between Bridge 17 and Bridge 21.
Sage didn't even see her, and She Clocked him doing 140kph on Hwy 1 40 in his Cement Truck.
Bowman turned her headlights on, caught up to Sage, then turned on her red and blue flashing lights from her Undercover Cop Car.
Sage, who was 9 Corona tallboys deep, knew he was fucked.
He dipped peeling off down Hwy 1 40, accelerating from 140kph to 145kph.
Bowman chased after Sage and matched his speed, traveling on his ass at a safe two-second distance behind him, all the way down the 1 40, as well as The 4-O-6 through Thorold, into Saint Catharines.
Once In Downtown Saint Catharines, Bowman continued Chasing Sage, then he continued east-bound down Queenston Street, towards Welland Canal Bridge No 4.
Better known as The Homer Simpson Bridge, which was directly next to The Garfield City Skyway, carrying The Queer-Elizabeth-Way across The Welland Canal. The bridge was cleared, then began lowering.
Sage negatively influenced by what he witnessed earlier, smashed through the south-western road-gate of The Homer Simpson Bridge, then went airborne over The Welland Canal.
Then like two seconds later, Bowman also cleared the gap no problem.
Sage also smashed through the south-western road-gate too, and was now on The Niagara-On-The-Lake side of the bridge, he then drove a short distance before making a U-turn and drove back towards The Bridge, which was now fully lowered, but the road-gates had not yet raised, and the signal light was red.
Sage then smashed through both the north-eastern and north-western road-gates as well, eliminating all 4 of The Homer Simpson Bridge's road-gates.
Then about 5 minutes later, Sage was now heading westbound on Glendale Ave. approaching a Railroad Crossing.
Suddenly, The Glendale Ave. Railroad Crossing lights began flashing red, alternating back-and-forth, followed by the road-gates lowering in front of the roadway for The approaching Train.
The Train happened to be The 3rd planet from the Sun's Fastest Express Train at The Time, better known as The Wolf Spider Express, running at its top speed of 145kph.
This Express Train was carrying a full load of passengers from Saint Catharines, Bound for Niagara Falls, at both maximum capacity and maximum speed.
Sage was originally speeding at 105kph, then accelerated to 144kph.
For yet another time, Sage smashed through the lowered road-gate directly in front of the path of The Wolf Spider Express.
The Wolf Spider Express struck Sage in His Cement Truck, to which was thrown Up-Side-Down into a nearby ditch. The Train continued traveling at 145kph, not slowing down worth jack shit!
Wasting no time, Bowman, got out of her undercover cop car and approached Sage's Cab, She then completely shatters the window with one single punch.
Then she yanked Sage out of the Cab, and not even like a moment later the Entire Cement Truck became entirely engulfed in flames, including the Cab.
Bowman then quickly sprinted with Sage in her arms away from His beloved CT-1995 just in the nick of time, Then it blew-up.
Then Bowman whipped out her breathalyzer, then legally breathalyzed Sage. Who then blew a BAC of 1.4!
Bowman looked at her breathalyzer. Then her eyes got wide. Then she laughed, Realizing that shit was impossible because Cameron Sage would be fucking dead.
So She restarted the breathalyzer, then re-took Sage's BAC, for a second time. This time, it was accurate. Sage blew a BAC of 0.32!
Sage, Standing At 6 feet tall, and weighing 180 lbs, drank 9 Corona Tallboys within an hour and 45 minutes (144oz in 105min), he was fucked.
Sage fortunately had also broken only 206 bones in his body, He survived.
Cameron Sage, 23 (or 24 not that it really matter's), would be facing how many criminal offenses/driving-charges enforced by 24-year-old Officer Bowman for actions behind the wheel after he drank 144oz of Corona and mucked 9 cans of Mom's Spaghetti Brand Ravioli, all in his new $145 (rounded up) Tom Brady Jersey that he got his jizz all over.
Bowman also had evidence of Mr. Cameron Jack Sage, Jacking Off At The Clarence Street Bridge in Port Colborne just one day before his 24th birthday.
Timed percisely from 2019-12-18 @ 20:43 until 2019-12-18 @ 21:13
Bowman then collected The Homer Simpson Bridge's Camera Footage. Officer Bowman even joked that she was willing to bet Cameron Sage most likely screamed "DOH!" when his balls smacked the seat of his CT-1995 when he landed on the other side of The Homer Simpson Bridge.
Interestingly Enough, Bowman's Husband Cameron Jack Jefferson was also Cameron's Sage's Age (Share a 1995 birthyear).
Cameron Jack Jefferson was The CEO of Mom's Spaghetti, which he had established his headquarters in his childhood home-town of Saint Joseph Missouri USA.
Mr. Cameron Jack Jefferson was born on 1995-07-31 in the very room Marshall Mathers was born, and his Wife Ms. Bessey Bowman (Kept Maiden-Name), was also born in that same room just 10 days later (1995-08-10).
Both of Jefferson and Bowman's parents were like a Double-Date Bonnie and Clyde and robbed banks all over Missouri from 1995-1999.
All 4 parents were caught and serving life prison terms over at The Greater St. Louis Prison.
Jefferson and Bowman were adopted by the same adoptive parents (Mr. and Mrs. Your-Birthday-Mathers) and would spend hours, open hours each and every night studying various words of the dictionary just for fun.
Bowman also a habit of sucking Jefferson's Dictionary quite often.
"Bessey! What The Fuck are you sucking on My Dictionary for! It's not even a drool-proof cover."
Anyways, Bowman helped Jefferson achieve both of their shared life long dream of enjoying their Mom's Spaghetti together.
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2020.10.01 17:00 ijulianvi Ontario police used COVID-19 database illegally, civil rights groups find

Police forces across Ontario engaged in broad, illegal searches of a now-defunct COVID-19 database, two civil rights groups alleged Wednesday, claiming the use of the portal violated individual privacy rights for months.
The Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA) and the Canadian Constitution Foundation (CCF) said in separate reports that many services used the database to look at COVID-19 test results for wide geographic areas and sometimes pulled up personal information unrelated to active calls.
"People weren't told that when they went for COVID tests that this information was being shared with police and they certainly weren't asked for their consent," said Abby Deshman, the criminal justice program director for the CCLA.
"That should be a decision every person makes about what they want to do with their own personal medical information."
In early April, the Ontario government passed an emergency order that allowed police to obtain the names, addresses and dates of birth of Ontarians who had tested positive for COVID-19. The portal was aimed at helping to protect first responders.
Police access to that database ended on Aug. 17, after a legal challenge was filed by a group of human rights organizations.
The group, which included the CCLA, argued that allowing police to access personal health records violated individuals' constitutional rights to privacy and equality.
(more text on link)
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Hope, everyone is keeping well...
Most got our cheques yesterday, and that really helped me out too!
Feel bad, for those who didn't! 😩
Keep reading Posts here that I find quite upsetting, and troubling as there seems to be a lot of MISCOMMUNICATION between us/this Forum, and ODSP in general.
There is NO NEED to communicate with your Caseworker unless you like speaking to them (nope), wasting your time 'chasing' them down (my case here), or whatever else floats your boat!
You have EVERY RIGHT to communicate them via email only, and they must respond back to you in a reasonable period of time also.
Your emails are 'proof' that you had communicated with them for Service or their help, as it shows the date/time you did so too.
They can't weasel out - oh, they'll try - that didn't get it, or see it, or whatever else they can cook up, by NOT getting back to you/your email(s) either!
With your phone calls, they can easily do this till those cows come home!!!
How do you do this?
They can send this Form out to you, via Canada Post.
It took my oh-so-lovely *not* CW over a Month for to mail this out to me, was also ginormous PITA (pain in the *ss), to her too!
You must fill this out carefully, then email back to them which is far faster than the old, outdated Faxing method.
Who still faxes in 2020, for goodness sake's when there's super easy & fast to do emails/texts!?
You would then send this completed Form to their General Email Address; [email protected]
In their SUBJECT LINE you must type in your Member ID # each & every-time you email them, when using that address!
It can take 2 Weeks or more to process this, but you MUST ask your CW for updates on this, if not, they *might* take their sweet time with this, which you don't want either.
Finally, your CW will send you a confirmation email which you carefully follow their instructions for this, I did, and had no issues whatsoever.
No one should be faxing them, and/or even thinking of rushing out to Canada Post to send them stuff - are you kidding me? - as both are expensive, and those on SA don't have ANY $$ to burn or waste either.
Hope, this helps all!
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